Paper plate birdies! So brilliant _merri
Monday you were a big school holiday ses
Lovely little stick puppets made during
Little buns and big eyes! The sweetest l
Model magic we love you! So much to use
Little hands created these lovely little
The sweetest little unicorn themed art p
Marc Chagall inspired for this lovely ch
WOW! This cardboard skateboard is so coo
Paper plates upcycled! These wings could
Lovely little cloud sculptures! ☁️ #clou
Sewing with hessian and wool!💕#kidsart#
Little mermaid and her unicorn! Oh how I
Under the sea newspaper print art! #news
Cardboard brilliance from __amberjane__
The preschool class today created Mother
Four divine, creative and happy little a
Mothers Day masterpiece made by the pres
Mothers Day masterpiece! ❤️ #love#beauti
Ta da! Sometimes we have ideas and we pr
Cardboard birthday cakes made by 3-5 yea